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This Luxury Blend is a Dark, Multi Brown base tan for a stunning RICH Mahogany Reddish Brown Color.


This is a regular tanning solution. This means that it is an 8 hour developing tan (Your client must leave on for at least 8 hours before rinsing)

Accelerate Solution: 4hr Developer: $60

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Custom Solution: 8-12hr Developer: $50

​8% 10% 12%


This is a RAPID tanning solution. This means that it is an accelerated formula and your clients MUST rinse in 1-4 hours (depending on the darkness they want to achieve) Using this product as a regular tan is not an option unless your client is resistant.


This spray tan solution develops into a beautiful honey/ dark brown brown color.
It is a color that falls between our Traditional and violet based solution.
We were the FIRST to mix the 2 color bases for a multi tone color that is universal for ALL skin tones for a beautiful tan.

​Please also understand that a $200 early cancellation fee will also be applied if membership is cancelled before the 1yr contract end date. 

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