​​​​​​​​JULY - DECEMBER 

Aerial Pole Fitness Fuzin'

Schedule May Vary ... Download the Mindbody App ... Link above! 


930a: Alternating Weeks: InStudio/Online 

          Beginner Pole Flow:               w/ Priscilla  

          Pole Mix:                                 w/ Priscilla 

          Aerial Pole Playground:          w/ Jess

530p: Beginner Pole:                        w/ Kelsey

530p: FIT-Trition Workshop:              w/ Jess                     

530p: Online FIT-Trition:                    w/ Jess                                       

630p: Fuze Dance/HIIT:                     w/ Jess

630p: Online: Fuze Dance/HIIT:         w/ Jess 

7p:     Sensual Pole:                            w/ Kelsey

830p: Competition/Showcase Training 


11a: Online: Snacktime Workout:              w/ Jess

6p:    Beginner Pole:                                  w/ Jess

6p:    Low Flow Silks:                                 w/ Kelsey

730p: Beginners Pole:                                w/Jess

730p: Contemporary Motion:                      w/ Kelsey


6p:         Down & Dirty Exotic Pole:               w/ Priscilla

730p:     Down & Dirty Exotic Floor work:     w/ Priscilla 

Alternating Weeks:

615p:     Belly Dance Foundations:                w/ Elizabeth

615p:     Online: Belly Dance Foundations

615p:     Zumba:                                             w/ Elizabeth 

615p:     Online: Zumba

730p:     Pole Categories                                w/ Kelsey

730p:     Pole-o-graphy:                                  w/ Kelsey


930a: InStudio/Online Stream: Intermediate:         w/ Hazey

Alternating Weeks:  6p or 730p: visit mindbody for dates/days 

Champagne Floor & Flow:                   w/ Kelsey

Sexy, Flexy Floor:                                  w/ Andie

Lyrical Dance:                                        w/ Andie

Private Lyra Hoop:                                  w/ Jess

Chair Dance:                                          w/ Jess or Andie

Beginner Pole:                                        w/ Andie

Pole Mix:                                                 w/ Andie

Hip Hop:                                                  w/ Andie

730p: Beginner Pole:                              w/ Jess

730p: Low Flow Lyra meets Chair Dance:    w/ Jess


InStudio/Online: Alternating 

10a: Abs & Apple Bottoms 

10a: CATurday Stretch 

TBD: CAT Adventure Day 

6-8p:  Freestyle Showcase Dance Night 

Pack your CAT Bag : 

  • 2 Face Towels
  • Pole Fitness: Shorts & Tank Tops 
  • Pole Silks: Long Pants & Long Sleeve shirts 
  • Water
  • Grip Aid 
  • knee pads 
  • leg warmers, over-the-knee socks
  • You'll want to be able to glide on the floor with ease! 

CAT Policies:

Fuze, Yoga, other Cardio Sessions

  • must cancel on the app with 24hr notice 
  • late cancel the same day $3 fee
  • you can make up the session in a week 
  • Please be on time! 
  • NO CALL NO Show FULL cost of the session

Aerial Pole Fuzin' Fitness


4 - 8 guests per Aerial Pole Sessions

5-6 guests Fluid/Contemporary Motion

up to 20 guests for our Cardio, Yoga, Dance Sessions



CAT Policies:

All Aerial & Pole Fitness Sessions 

  • must cancel on the app with 24hr notice 
  • late cancel the same day $5 fee
  • you can make up the session in a week 
  • MUST be on time or by 2nd warmup 
  • If you miss the 2nd warmup YOU CAN NOT participate in session and will be charged a $5 late fee
  • you can make the session up 
  • NO CALL NO Show FULL cost of the session

To Register for classes click on the link below

  • Choose either the desktop or mobile app
  • Create a username/password
  • Click on Class Tab