CAT Policies:

All Aerial & Pole Fitness Sessions 

  • must cancel on the app with before 6hr of start of class 
  • late cancel the same day  $5 fee if class is cancel 6-4hr before start of class
  • you can make up the session in a week 
  • MUST be on time or by 2nd warmup 
  • If you miss the 2nd warmup YOU CAN NOT participate in session and will be charged a $20 late fee
  • you can make the session up
  • $20 fee is class is canceled 1-2hr before the start of class 
  • NO CALL NO Show FULL cost of the session

Aerial Pole Fuzin' Fitness


Pole Fitness & Floorwork

Single Class: $22

5 Classes: $85 

Aerial Silk

Lyra Hoop

Single Class: $35
4 Classes: $105​

Dance, Stretch & Strength

Belly Dance 

Expressive Dance 

Deep Stretch 

Heels Dance 

Single Class: $15 

5 Classes: $65


Want to MIX & MATCH classes?

Purchase a CAT Fit Toolbox !

One Time- One Month Special

5 classes: $85 

10 classes: $135

Unlimited: $200




3 mth options:

5 classes: $75 per mth

10 classes: $125 per mth 

Unlimited: $175 per mth 



6 mth options:

5 classes: $75 per mth 

10 classes: $125 per mth 

​Unlimited: $175 per mth 

1 year options: 

5 classes: $75 per mth 

10 classes: $125 per mth 

Unlimited: $175 per mth 

CAT Everything Fitness Liability Form:

I fully understand that these risks, known and unknown, can lead to injury, including but not limited to bruises, pulled muscles, broken bones, concussions, being paralyzed and worst case death.

I understand that all the equipment is checked on a regular bases for my safety.

I understand that mechanical complications may occur.

I understand that my trainers are well experienced and knowledgeable in the art of fitness.

Having been informed of the potential risks associated, I still wish to proceed with the activity and I freely accept and expressly assume any and all risks that may arise.

I, hereby release the CAT Studio and all Trainers’ for all liabilities that may arise from these sessions.
(We are always updating our procedures/polices/scheduling based on the CDC, Ma guidelines.)



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